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GBIC Gigabit optical modules, single-mode, single strand BiDi(WDM) up to 80Km range

CTC Union Part No.: GBS-7020-WA

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Product description
GBIC optical modules are equipped with the industry standard SC optical connector. The capacity of GBIC modules is 1.25 GigaBit. The GBIC Bi-Directional single strand series covers single strand fiber optic applications for single-mode long haul fiber(20Km to 80Km).
GBIC modules are extremely versatile, working with any active equipment that support the GBIC type of interface: Ethernet switches, routers and other networking equipments.
Fiber power budget according to available models

Model Distance Lambda Min. Output (dBm) Sensitivity (dBm) Power Budget (dB)
GBS-7020-WA 20Km Tx:1310nm Rx:1550nm -8 -23 15
GBS-7020-WB 20Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1310nm -8 -23 15
GBS-7040-WA 40Km Tx:1310nm Rx:1550nm -3 -23 20
GBS-7040-WB 40Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1310nm -3 -23 20
GBS-7060-WA 60Km Tx:1310nm

0 -24 24
GBS-7060-WB 60Km Tx:1550nm

-2 -25 23
GBS-7080-WA 80Km Tx:1490nm Rx:1550nm 0 -27 27
GBS-7080-WB 80Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1490nm 0 -27 27

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