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Fibercore 1300nm Polyimide-Coated PM Fiber for Embeded Sensor and Medical, 145µm Coating

Fibercore Part No.: HB1250P

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FIBERCORE 1300nm Polyimide-Coated PM Fiber for Embeded Sensor and Medical 145µm Coating

FIBERCORE HB-P Series 125/155 µm, high-temperature polyimide-coated for embedded sensor and medical applications at 800 nm or 1300 nm.

Conventional acrylate coatings have a temperature ceiling of c 8°C and must be applied to thicknesses of at least 40 µm to provide adequate mechanical protection. HB-P is coated with a 10 µm layer of polyimide - a high performance polymer used throughout the electronics industry. The result is a fiber of significantly reduced cross-sectional area ('Low Profile') which can withstand temperatures as high as 40°C (30°C continuous) - sufficient to withstand both medical sterilization and the curing temperatures of even the highest performance laminates.

HB-P is particularly suited to embeded 'Smart-Skins' type applications because of its low-profile, which helps to maintain composite strength, through reductions in the area of the Resin Rich Zone ('RRZ').

FIBERCORE HB-P Series Polyimide CoatedPolarization Maintaining Fiber Spec Sheet: Fibercore HB-P PM Fiber Spec Sheet



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