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iSAP5100-FXS - 8 channels FXS interface card for iSAP5100 multiplexer, 8 x RJ45 connectors

Fosco Connect Part No.: iSAP5100-FXS

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iSAP5100-FXS - 8 channels FXS interface card for iSAP5100 multiplexer, 8 x RJ45 connectors

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Important note: The iSAP5100-FXS card has 8 RJ45 ports for 8 telephone lines. RJ11 can be plugged into RJ45. Only middle 4 and 5 pins are active on each plug.

Product description
The iSAP5100-FXS card has 8 telephones (POTS) FXS type phone line interfaces. Eight handset phones or terminal phone devices can connect to this card to integrate into the iSAP5100 multiplexer.

iSAP5100 is a 5RU, 19" rack-mountable, 20 slots modular STM1/E1 TDM multiplexer design for telecom/carrier-grade redundancy. There are 18 slots available for hot-swappable iSAP5100 I/O cards. Two slots are provided for CPU Controller cards and two slots are provided for power supplies. Uplink supports STM1 fiber and E1 copper, two types of connections, maximum up to 144x E1 cross-connect for Voice and Data. The iSAP5100 accommodates up to two separate power supplies, which may derive power from AC (110/220) or DC (-36~72V) power sources. When two power supplies are installed, the modules provide complete power redundancy and are hot-swappable even during the E1 cards' transmission. The iSAP5100 provides STM1 fiber and E1 copper uplink with the maximum E1 support of up to 96 E1 channels with cross connection for Voice and Data or interface including RS232, V.35, G64K, FXS, FXO, ET100, and E&M.

FXS Card features

ITU-T Standards: G.712/G.713/G.714
Line resistance: 600Ω
Off-hook current: 25mA
Line distance: 2km
Ports: 8-port
On-hook current: 10mA+/-3mA
Effective Ring Frequency: 25Hz, Voltage: 75V, peak to peak110V
Max line resistance: 1500Ω
Connector: RJ45 (active pins 4 and 5)

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