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Jameson 17-300RTK Cable & Pipe Signal Receiver w/Transmitter

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-17-300RTK

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Jameson SP-17-300RTK Cable & Pipe Signal Receiver w/Transmitter

The Jameson SP-17-300RTK Cable & Pipe Signal Receiver (17-300R) and Digital Transmitter (17-500T) are used to locate any conductive path that has been energized. The cable locator offers four (4) active frequencies: 512 Hz, 8 kHz, 33kHz, 82 kHz, two (2) passive frequencies: 60 Hz power and RF, plus variable pitch audio indication. It works in three (3) operating modes: peak, null and sonde. Highly visible display features depth indication to 15 feet (ft/in and metric) with push of a button. The digital transmitter is a lightweight unit with easy-to-read high contrast LCD screen. It includes low frequencies for direct connect long runs and higher frequencies for tracing Duct Hunter rod in plastic pipes or inductive modes.

The SP-17-300RTK kit includes the cable locator, digital transmitter, conductive clips, batteries, ground spike, wire leads, manual and carry cases.

Jameson Locators and Transmitter Datasheet

Cable and Pipe Signal Receiver Instruction Manual



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