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Jameson 7C-45-15T 1/4" & 3/16" Multi-Flex Fish Rod Kit, 25'

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-7C4515T

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Jameson 7C-45-15T 1/4" & 3/16" Multi-Flex Fish Rod Kit, 25'

The Jameson 7C-45-15T Fish Rod Kit offers 4 low-flex (1/4" diameter) and 1 mid-flex (3/16" diameter) yellow jacket coated fish rods, each 5' long. Designed for longer spans and larger cable pulls, the low-flex rods feature 750 lbs. pull-strength and withstand a 4.5" bend radius. The mid-flex rods, with 500 lbs. pull-strength and flexible 3" bend radius, are used for shorter runs and limited spaces. They work well for pulling wire and cable in suspended ceilings, raised floors, attics, crawlspaces or interior wall cavities. The durable rods have a high-tensile fiberglass reinforced polyester core and Splinter Shield protective coating for glove-free usage.

The 7C-45-15T kit contains 5' low-flex fish rods (4), 5' mid-flex fish rod, bright white omnidirectional LED light tip, low-profile hook tip and bullet tip with eyelet. It comes in a clear plastic storage tube.

Jameson Yellow Jacket Coated Fish Rods



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