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Jonard JIC-4377 Fiber Jacket Slit & Ring Tool

Fosco Connect Part No.: JIC-4377

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Jonard JIC-4377 Fiber Jacket Slit & Ring Tool

The Jonard Tools® JIC-4377 Fiber Jacket Slitter is used on buffer tubes, breakout cables, OFS Minicord EZ-Bend, and other similar cables (1/8" to 3/8" in diameter). It features a slitting blade at the top, 1/4" of the blade is exposed. L-shaped steel guide and blade guard slit open jackets as well as protect the buffer tubes and fiber inside the cable. The guide is specifically designed shorter than the JIC-4366 which makes it a perfect tool for slitting OFS Minicord EZ-Bend cables. The back of the tool handle offers a ringer and a spring steel cable holder with a sliding metal tensioner to ensure precise cutting through. The ringing blade is adjustable for 0.031" (0.79 mm) or 0.018" (0.46 mm) thick jacket insulation.

The fiber jacket slit & ring tool is 5-1/2" long and weighs 0.32 lb. It comes with spare ringing and slitting blades (one each).

Jonard Jic-4377 Fiber Jacket Slit and Ring Tool Datasheet



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