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Jonard KA-260 Sub-Miniature Insertion Kit, 12/16/20 Contacts

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-054X460

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Jonard KA-260 Sub-Miniature Insertion Kit, 12/16/20 Contacts

The Jonard Tools® KA-260 Sub-Miniature Contact Insertion Tool Kit offers specialized tools required for insertion of the most popular connectors, all contained in a small handy case. Designed for use with sub-miniature connectors, the kit includes the most common and popular tools in the industry. The tools are completely compatible with original manufacturer tooling from all major suppliers such as AMP®, Amphenol, Bendix, Burndy, Cannon and Deutsch and will work with virtually any connector of this type.

The KA-260 insertion kit includes three most popular insertion tools for contact sizes 12 (yellow), 16 (blue) and 20 (red). It is packaged in an attractive and durable padded zipper case. The kit has been carefully designed to save both time and effort plus ensure efficient, on-the-job operation.

Jonard Insertion & Extraction Tool Kits Datasheet



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