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Jonard Large Mid-Span Splitter (2-6.8 mm)

Fosco Connect Part No.: MS26

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Easy to use: 1. Select the correct groove. Each groove is marked with the recommended fiber size. 2. Place the fiber in the groove to be used. The arrow on the top of the MS-26 indicates blade location and pulling direction. 3. Close the tool making sure the lock is engaged and pull.

MS-26 Mid Span Slitter is designed to open fiber jackets and loose buffer tubes to provide easy fiber access. The MS-26 is designed to work on cables or buffer tubes ranging in size from 2.9mm to 6.8mm in diameter. Its sleek ergonomic design allows you to open a jacket or buffer tube without damaging the fiber.

Jonard Mid Span Slit and Ring Tools Datasheet




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