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Jonard Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool 5.8mm-12mm

Fosco Connect Part No.: MS426

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The MS-426 Slitter and Ring Tool is designed to perform a ring or slit cut on Prysmian ESMF Optical Mini FlexTube® cables and other cables of similar size. It will remove a thin wall jacket without causing damage to the buffer tubes inside. The MS-426 offers both slitting and ringing blades, 4 precision slitting grooves and four ring grooves, marked with the cable size (5.8-6.4mm/ 7.8-8.4mm/ 9.8-10.4mm/ 11.2-12mm). The arrow on the top indicates the pulling direction, on the opposite side - rotation, and the line indicates the blade location. Each blade is good for making up to 5,000 slits/cuts.

  • Cut Type: Slit, Ring
  • Cable Type: Loose Tube, Jacket
  • Dimensions: 2.87" x 1.5" x 2.1"


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