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Jonard TK-186 Fiber Connector Cleaning Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: 054X737

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Jonard TK-186 Fiber Connector Cleaning Kit

The Jonard Tools® TK-186 Fiber Connector Cleaning Kit provides a fiber optic technician with essential tools for cleaning connector end-faces. It features 1.25mm and 2.5mm fiber connector cleaners, plus a fiber connector insertion and removal tool, designed to operate easily with connectors in high density patch panels. Fifty fiber wipes are pre-moistened with a fast evaporating, non-abrasive and residue-free solvent. The LED flashlight offers 120-lumen brightness, adjustable beam and zoom lens.

The TK-186 fiber cleaning kit comes in a rugged tool case with 21 interior and exterior pockets, with enough room for extra tools or small parts.

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