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KF7VMS Fiber OWL 7V/WaveSource Pro Quad: 850/1300 & 1310/1550nm

Fosco Connect Part No.: KF7VMS

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KF7VMS Fiber OWL 7V/WaveSource Pro Quad: 850/1300 & 1310/1550nm

The Optical Wavelength Labs KF7VMS 7V Quad Certification Test Kit features the high accuracy, high resolution F7V power meter with integrated VFL and WPMS WaveSource Pro Quad light source. In AUTO mode both testers automatically switch between 2 wavelengths and measure them simultaneously. The OPM has a large 2.8" color LCD, built-in Link Wizard for standards-based fiber link certification, length testing port (LC) and universal detector port with 2.5mm/1.25mm adapters. Its storage capacity is up to 10000 measured data points with labels. Testing results can be downloaded through the USB port to the free OWLView certification software. The light source offers two transmission modes: Continuous Wave (CW) and modulated mode. It is Encircled Flux (EF) compliant for testing multimode networks and 10-Gig ready.

The KF7VMS test set includes the OPM with VFL (LC port) and quad-wave light source with SC connection. NIST traceable.

OWL KF7VMS Quad Test Kit Datasheet

Fiber OWL 7 Fiber Optic Link Certifier



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