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KNIPEX 9854 Insulated Cable Knife, 7-1/2"

Fosco Connect Part No.: 9854

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KNIPEX 9854 Insulated Cable Knife, 7-1/2"

The KNIPEX® 98 54 7-1/2" Cable Knife features a solid, fixed straight blade and VDE-tested insulating multi-component handle. The oil-hardened blade is made of special tool steel. The ergonomic handle has slip-proof soft components and a slip guard to prevent injuries. A thumb recess and "finger hook" at the end of the handle make it easy to pull the blade. The back of the blade is plastic coated for additional protection, to avoid short circuits.

The insulated cable knife comes with a transparent protective cap. The tool is 7-1/2" long and weighs 0.15 lb. It is tested to 1000V and meets ASTM F1505-07 and DIN EN/IEC 60900 standards.

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