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Lwerty LS9, Printer Kit

Panduit Part No.: LS9Q

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Includes LS9Q thermal transfer printer with QWERTY keypad, one cassette of T100X000VPC-BK continuous tape, six AA alkaline batteries, quick-reference card and operator's manual.


  • Innovative QWERTY keypad design delivers faster text entry and label design for enhanced productivity
  • Economical identification system provides premium quality solutions at the lowest installed cost
  • Cut-to-length functionality eliminates label waste and label trimming labor
  • Partial cut feature available to provide tear-apart strips of labels or individual cut labels for application flexibility and quicker installation
  • P1 Label Cassette contains an integrated memory device for automatic formatting, recall of last legend used, and number of labels remaining in the cassette to increase reliability and productivity
  • Legends can be easily aligned with ports on patch panels and faceplates, eliminating the need for manual spacing and guesswork for improved efficiency
  • Prints a wide variety of continuous tapes for marking of wires/cables, patch panels, faceplates, safety/facility identification and other network and electrical applications
  • Prints continuous military and commercial grade heat shrink tubing for improved printer versatility
  • Fast loading label cassette includes both label material and ribbon for easy label changeover
  • Cannot be used to charge batteries.
  • Other adapters available, replace S with A (Australia), C (China), E (Europe), and U (UK).

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