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SC/APC Single Mode, 250µm & 900µm Buffer, LYNX 2 Splice-On-Connector

sumitomo Part No.: LYNX-SCAPCSM-F1

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sumitomo LYNX SC/APC Single Mode Fusion Splice-On Connector for 250µm & 900µm fiber.


Customized field terminations are now made possible with the next generation Lynx2 CustomFit† Splice-on Connector by sumitomo. The Lynx2 is a fully integratable splice-on fiber optic connector enabling quick, easy, and reliable customized FTTx, outside-plant, and inside-plant permanent field terminations.

The splice-on connector is ideal also for central office, fiber hub/pedestal, and data center applications. The latest design of the Lynx2 features a fast and easy to use screw-on collar to secure the Kevlar and jacket, eliminating the crimping process and the use of high priced crimping tools.

The Lynx2 is compatible with all SC, LC, and FC style fiber optic connectors, and eliminates the necessity and associated costs of maintaining an inventory of splice trays and varying lengths of pre- terminated jumpers. Instead, the Lynx2 allows for customized field terminations for each and every project.

Ease of use, elimination of hand polishing and index matching gels, consistent results, reliability, and unprecedented accuracy in connectorization make the Lynx2 the new choice in fiber termination. Please see Fusion Splicing Accessories for complementary products.


  • Customized Connectorization in the OSP, CO, and Premises Environments
  • Compatible with Conventional SC/EC & FC Connectors
  • Easy Installation and High Performance
  • Requires Neither Adhesives, Hand Polishing, nor Matching Gel
  • Eliminates the Need to Inventory Preterminated jumpers
  • No Extra Heater Required
  • Permanent Termination
  • No Crimp Tool Required
  • Meets Telcordia GR-326 Standard
  • Complete Connectorization in Less than 3 Minutes
  • Compatible with Many Existing Fusion Splicers, Eliminating Costly Purchases
  • Instant Splice Loss Feedback, Requiring No Additional Equipment


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