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QUAD Certification Kit (Tier 1 and 2): M210 QUAD, OLS4, DFS1 in Hard Case

AFL Part No.: M210-25K-01-HC2

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The NOYES M210 is the only inspection ready QUAD OTDR that combines OTDR, OPM and VFI capability with a proven, easy-to-useand easy-to-learn user interface.
The M210 is the latest addition to the M200 family of OTDRs. Like other members of the M200 family,the M210 offers the intuitive Touch and Test user interface in a rugged, lightweight, easy-to-hold package ready for field use.
The M210features a more powerful processing engine, a higher resolution display and, for the first time in an OTDR of its size, an integratedOptical Power Meter.
Touch and Test simplifies the M210 user experience, minimizes human errors and reduces training time by providing one-touch accessto the Full-Auto, Expert and Real-Time OTDR test modes, OPM measurement mode as well as the Results Management and JobCreation menus.
The M210 allows setting Pass/Fail thresholds to industry standard TIA/ISO or user-values and will automatically alertusers of failing fibers.
Touch and Test enables both experts and novices alike to complete jobs more accurately and in less time.


  • 30dB dynamic range single-mode

  • 16-hour batterylife

  • Remote display capable

  • Touch and Test intuitive user interface

  • New faster processor

  • Crisp bright display for indoor/outdoor viewing

  • Integrated OPM standard; integrated VFI standard

  • Inspection capable with DFS1 Digital FiberScope

  • Rugged, hand-held, lightweight (<1 kg)

  • Prepaid Calibration plans, Cal and Cal Plus (see page 6)

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