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Aluminum Splice Tray, Stores 6 CamSplice Mechanical Splices, Type 2R

Corning Cable Systems Part No.: M67-053

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Corning Cable Systems CamSplice is a simple, craft-friendly mechanical splice for both multimode and single-mode fibers. It features a "cam" locking mechanism, which requires no adhesive.

The CamSplice mechanical splice incorporates a unique, patented fiber alignment method that self-centers the fibers and provides extremely accurate alignment. Average "blind" (nontuned) splice loss for the CamSplice mechanical splice is specified at 0.15 dB, with a maximum splice loss of less than 0.3 dB.

There is only one part for 250/250 nm, 250/900 nm or 900/900 nm applications (one size fits all).

Completed splices fit in Corning Cable Systems and many other industry-standard splice trays.


  • Size:44 mm (1.73 in) length x 4.2 mm (0.17 in) width (Cam)
  • No adhesive or epoxy required
  • Universal, one-part-fits-all fiber coatings
  • Rematable, tunable
  • No polishing required
  • Self-centering fiber-alignment mechanism
  • Optional lead-in tubes for securing 900 nm fibers
  • Index-matching gel pre-inserted
  • No stress on fiber in alignment area
  • Small assembly fixture recommended, but optional
  • Fits in industry-standard splice trays


  • Pigtail splicing
  • Transition splice between listed and nonlisted cables
  • Indoor or outdoor through- or branch-splicing
  • Emergency restoration

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