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OptiSplice M90e Fusion Splicer, Cleaver, LID and CDS Core Alignment, Cleaver, Fast Heat Shrink Oven

Corning Cable Systems Part No.: M90E-0SM-T-H

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The OptiSplice M90e Fusion Splicer is the ideal machine for networks where low-loss performance and high-end accuracy are imperative. The M90e Fusion Splicer offers the active core-alignment accuracy of Corning Cable Systems LID-SYSTEM Unit, along with the speed and versatility of a passive core-alignment technology known as the CDS. The M90e provides the most advanced set of features available, yielding top-notch performance, while reducing training and maintenance costs, all in a compact, user-friendly fusion splicer.


  • Graphical user interface for easy menu navigation
  • On-board, interactive training videos - reduces training time and costs and includes operational and maintenance sections
  • High-contrast 5.7-in. color touch screen with ambient light sensor for automatic adjustment of different lighting conditions, including direct sunlight
  • Two-in-one alignment unit offering direct active core-alignment with LID-SYSTEM Unit technology and fast 3-axis camera-based passive core-alignment with CDS
  • Fastest total splice cycle time on the market for a core-alignment fusion splicer (13 seconds splice time in CDS mode + 20 seconds oven = 33 seconds total cycle time typical)
  • Utilizes automatic fusion time to optimize each splice (LID-SYSTEM Unit)
  • Real splice-loss measurement with LID-SYSTEM or splice-loss estimation with CDS
  • Auto-Start feature begins the splice process when the fiber flaps close
  • Integrated global positioning system (GPS) for automatically adjusting for altitude changes, as well as storing splice-location coordinates (GPS functionality can be disabled)

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