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M9B811 - Mohawk 12 Strands 62.5/125µm Multimode Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube Cable

Mohawk Part No.: M9B811

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Mohawk Riserlite indoor/outdoor loose tube fiber optic cable is a dry core cable with moisture blocking gel inside the thermoplastic buffer tube. The individually colored 250 µm fibers are surroundedby gel for moistureresistance.

Each individual 6 or 12 fiber group is protected with a colored PBT tube and cabled around a rigid epoxy fiberglass central strength member which provides superior protection against thermal expansion and contraction over the operating temperature range.

An overall water-swellable tape provides axial water penetration protection. The core is helically wrapped with aramid yarn for tensile strength and protected with an overall black flame and UV resistant thermoplastic jacket which meets all the requirements of UL/CUL type OFNR, OFN FT4 flame ratings.

Mohawks Riserlite fiber cables are offered in all grades of multimode and single-mode up to 144 fibers.

Product Features:

  • No splicing required at building entrance
  • Available with zero-halogen jacket
  • Breakout kits available
  • Fully waterblocked


  • Indoor/outdoor installations
  • Telecommunications and data trunk
  • Building interconnections
  • Ducts between buildings



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