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Rackmount Tray for 16 Converter Switches

Garrettcom Part No.: MC14TRAY

  • $ 215.30 or

  • Rack-mount (19" RETMA) tray, rugged metal construction
  • Holds all Magnum converter switches, media converters and ES42-series edge switches
  • Holds regular and hardened converter switches, media converters, and ES42 edge switches
  • Mix-and-Match any combination of Gigabit, 100Mb, and 10Mb media converters
  • Provides the modularity and reliability of individual Media Converter units
  • Power Supply and power cables included, 90-260vac 50-60Hz input

Rack-mount(19 inch RETMA) tray,rugged metal construction.holds any combination of 10Mb,Mb,Gb.

Fits Magnum converter switch,convenient switches,edge switches and media converters.

MC14-TRAY: Rack-mount tray for sixteen Converter Switches, or sixteen 14-Series Media Converters, or eight ES42 Edge Switches or combinations for individual external power supply

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