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24 fiber, 9µm OS1 Single Mode, (2x) MTP/male - (2x) MTP/male, Plenum - MTP Backbone Trunk Cable

Mooseline Part No.: MD-3-MT-MT-S-XX-024-PLN

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24 fiber, 9µm OS1 Single Mode, (2x) MTP/male - (2x) MTP/male, Plenum Rated - MTP Backbone Trunk Cable

Mooseline offers high quality high-count MTP fiber optic assemblies. The cables range from 12 to 144 fibers, in 12-fiber sub-units. The most common configurations for Data Centers are 50‰_m 10Gig (OM3) or Singlemode (OS1) type fibers.

All cables are UL plenum rated and can be used in riser spaces. Each fiber in every connector comes pre-tested with test results. The cables come ready to be plugged-in. These high-count cables are optimal for use in Data Centers and other high-density installations.

The MTP male connector is the standard, but custom cables using MTP female as well as MTP to hybrid assemblies are available. Please contact your Mooseline sales associate for custom MTP cable assemblies.

MTP Trunk Cable (product on this page)

MTP terminated trunk cables are available in 12-144 count fiber assemblies.

Factory terminated with up to 12 fiber MTP connectors, these high count fiber assemblies are ideal for backbone and data center applications where high fiber counts are required in a minimum of space.

All fiber counts are available in plenum. Factory termination eliminates the need for costly field termination and testing.

Please Note: MTP fan-out assemblies are also available from Mooseline.

MTP Fan-Out Assemblies (Click the link to go to MTP Fan-out Assembly product page)

MTP fan-out assemblies provide connection to equipment or panels that are terminated with ST, SC, or MTRJ connectors.

When used with MTP trunk cables, a complete fiber optic backbone can be installed with no field termination or testing required.

MTP fan-out assemblies are available prewired into patch panels and wall mounted enclosures.



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