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sumitomo Mini Work Platform

sumitomo Part No.: MPF-01

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The MPF-01 Mini Work Platform is a oneof-a-kind, versatile tool designed to supply a functional and secure working area for splicing applications in the FTTP/FTTH network.

The compact and portable design of the MPF-01 provides the means to secure a fusion splicer and accessory tools in a position close to the ONT. The platform can be pole mounted with no additional hardware.

The MPF-01 allows the fusion splicer to be optimally positioned vertically and horizontally to maximize available work space. The technician can also mount a fiber cleaver at three different locations in front of the splicer.

The platform is designed to hold various sumitomo fusion splicers. The compact design of the MPF-01 Mini Work Platform minimizes the amount of storage space required, while maximizing the technician's work space in taut-sheath environments.


  • Designed Specifically to Maximize and Secure the Work Area for FTTP/ FTTH Applications
  • Light Weight, Compact, and Portable
  • No Special Hardware Required
  • Adjustable Mounting Positions via Straps for Both ONT and Pole-mount Locations
  • Ideal for ONT (Optical Network Terminal), Interior and Exterior Applications
  • Compatible with the Type-25 TomCat Family, Type-45, Type-37SE, Type-39, Type-65 and Type-66 Fusion Splicers

Download Product Spec Sheet:

sumitomo MPF-01 Mini Work Platform Spec Sheet (PDF)



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