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MPO 12 Fiber Multimode Test System With 850nm Light Source

Fosco Connect Part No.: F1850MPO

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The 12 fiber MPO test set, which is available in Multimode or Singlemode configurations, is a two-piece kit that contains a power meter and light source designed to test and certify MPO-style assemblies quickly and easily. This set will provide the user with link attenuation readings over all 12 fibers in less than 15 seconds, and has the ability to verify A, B, C, and 40-Gig polarities. These units will work in virtually any MPO application.

The power meter allows the user to set defined attenuation thresholds and will display a FAIL if any of the 12 fibers exceed the threshold. If all fibers are under the threshold, a PASS will be displayed. The unit can also store up to 1,000 test results that can then be transferred to the PC reporting software via the USB cable included with the test set.

The light source can emit optical signals at a constant rate or with various modulated tones. It is programmed to run

  • An automated looped sequence through all 12 fibers
  • A manual sequence
  • Light up all 12 fibers at once
  • Test fibers 1-4 and 9-12 for certain 40G applications

Both the power meter and the light source have an auto-off feature which will power down the unit after 10 minutes of being idle.

  • 12 Position Power Meter and 850nm Light Source
  • Pass/Fail Reporting with Customizable Thresholds
  • dB/dBm Check Criteria
  • Verify A, B, C and 40G Polarities
  • Storage for up to 1,000 Test Results
  • USB Data Transfer
  • PC Reporting Software

Kit Includes 12 Position Power Meter, 12 Position Light Source, 2 MPO Reference Cables (Polarity A), 2 MPO Mating Sleeves and 2 AC Power Adapters
Optional accessories: 1 meter LC to MPO breakout cable, encircled flux compliant reference cords, MPO gender changing tool.

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