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MSW-4424C - Gigabit Ethernet 24 SFP ports with 4 10G SFP+ ports, Layer 2 managed switch, dual redundant AC and DC48 power, rack 19"

CTC Union Part No.: MSW-4424C-AD

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Product description
The MSW-4424C-AC is one of the most powerful Metro Ethernet Layer 2 fiber switch from CTCUnion. Product has been designed for Gigabit FTTX access networks features offering excellent support for IPTV and triple play services, great management and redundancy. It provides four 10G SFP+ ports for uplink connections and 4 Gigabit 10/100/1000Base-TX copper ports mirrored on SFP slots. All fiber SFP slots are dual speed FE/GE capable. Switch also supports dual redundant AC 90-240V and DC 36-72V power supplies and is an all front connectors switch. In wide depth racks, such an approach offers the ability to install two units in same 1RU of rack, thus bringing the capacity to 48 fiber ports per RU of space.

The MSW-4424C-AD has Layer 2 capabilities with strong FTTH/FTTX features like IGMP snooping, Q-in-Q VLAN tagging, power down trap (dying gasp), SNMP, web, telnet and DHCP auto provision, SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostic support features for all SFP slots.Specifications of MSW-4424C fully meet the attributes of Carrier Ethernet proposed by MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum). It complies with MEF 9 standard to support E-Line/E-LAN service, MEF 14 standard to enable the bandwidth profile configuration delivering SLA (Service Level Agreement) for end-to-end performance characteristics as well as Ethernet OAM functionality to support carrier grade service OAM management rapidly detecting and recovering from the network incidents in real time.

Besides the above key distinctive features, the MSW-4424C-AD switch supports various priority control and QoS features. A key feature is the ability to support dual redundant power supplies:AC (90-240V) and DC48V (36~72V). The MSW-4424C-AD switch supports port based VLAN and IEEE 802.1q VLAN, rapid spanning tree and IGMP snooping. It is also able to handle Jumbo Packets up to 9.6K size.

  • Fully dual rate architecture of fiber link port
    Completely dual speed fiber ports offering a scalable physical connection of Metro Ethernet network for operators
  • Fully Ethernet OAM enabled
    Ethernet OAM features (IEEE 802.3ah/802.1ag/ITU-T Y.1731) enabled for rapid detection and recovery network fault and save the OPEX for operators as well as increase customer satisfaction
  • MEF standards compliant solution
    MEF 9/14 compliant product to guarantee the compatibility with other MEF certified equipment and reduce the risk and cost for Metro Ethernet network deployment of operators


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