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Certifier40G Cat 6A Tesst Kit with MM & SM modules, including adapters & reference cables

SignaMax Part No.: NGC-4500-MMSM-NA

  • $ 19,495.00 or


  • Large Touch Screen at both test ends
  • Feature proof 1600MHz Testing exceeding Level IV accuracy
  • Fast CAT 6A/Class FA test of 9 seconds
  • Fast Tier fiber certification of 8 seconds with optional integrated fiber & end face inspection.

The next generation cable certifier maximizes installer productivity with the fastest testing time, saving 30 minutes each time 150 CAT-6A cables are tested.

Certifier40G protects your investment with the most advanced tester that certifiers beyond TIA-568 standards,with 1600MHZ measurement frquency.

It saves technician time by eliminating unnecessary walking between local and remote units.




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