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AFL Active Out Detector for FTTx, BPON, GPON, EPON Networks

Mooseline Part No.: OFIFTTX

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The Noyes OFI-FTTx Active ONT Detector is a rugged, hand-held optical fiber identifier. This instrument is designed to verify the connection status of splitter pigtails.

The Noyes OFI-FTTx identifies the presence or absence of an active Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on FTTx F2 fibers at the Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH).

This Noyes OFI features a simple verification system that will report either that the ONT is Active or Not Detected when it is attached to a splitter pigtail at the FDH in about a second.

The OFI-FTTx is compatible with 2- and 3-mm jumper cables containing standard singlemode fiber such as SMF-28e or 2-mm jumper cable containing bend-insensitive fiber (BIF) with a 15-mm bend radius specification such as AFL BendLite.

This optical fiber identifier is ideal for facility recovery and harvesting unparked splitter legs and F2 fibers not connected to subscribers. It is also capable of troubleshooting which entails real-time confirmation of OLT to ONT connectivity at the FDH.

This rugged, handheld, lightweight instrument has both visual (four red LEDs) and audible indicators. It provides in-service detection of upstream (1310-nm) activity on FTTx networks and determines which unparked splitter pigtails are connected to ONTs.

It doesn't require travel to customer (ONT) site or disconnection of splitter pigtails. Instrument is powered by two standard AAA alkaline batteries and has a low-battery indication. This test tool can be operated for 800 tests typically before battery replacement is necessary.

Includes user's guide and carrying case. The 0.5-pound unit measures 8.5" x 1.5" x 1.25". One-year warranty.

Download Product Spec Sheet:

AFL NOYES OFI-FTTx Active ONT Detector Spec Sheet (PDF)



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