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Opti-Mag Cover Cop

Fosco Connect Part No.: OMS-PRX

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Opti-Mag Cover Cop is sealed and contains a powerful internal magnet and spring mechanism that allow light transmission through the fiber only when it is positioned with the metal target such as a gate, door, or manhole cover. (A metal plate must be installed if there is no metal for the magnet to sense.)

When the target is moved away from the Cover Cop, a bend will occur in the fiber optic cable and the event will trigger the alarm. Once the target is returned to its' original position, unrestricted light transmission through the sensor is restored. Each Cover Cop is rated for 10,000 cycles and must be spliced into the optical fiber cable.

  • Universal use with any single mode fiber
  • Can be used with any attenuation based detection system
  • Rated for approximately 10,000 cycles


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