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Test Set With 1490/1550nm Light Source

Mooseline Part No.: OV3-1415

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The OV-3 Loss Test Sets contain both a power meter and a light source in a single unit and are used to perform bi-directional end-to-end loss measurements.

The OV-3 Test Set is available configured in a number of flexible models to meet the installation and maintenance requirements of all optical networks.

The Germanium photodetector ensures accurate and stable measurements across the full range of telecommunications wavelengths.

The LED and Laser light sources provide stable optical power in continuous wave or modulated modes.

The RS-232 feature allows downloading test data to your computer for analysis and documentation.

The included Li-Ion batteries and charger ensure hours of uninterrupted field operation and quick re-charges.

Include the CATV, VFL, and Talk options to any model for additional functionality.

The OV-3 is available in a power meter only version with the same great features.



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