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Platinum Tools TCB300 Cable Prowler Cable & Network Tester

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-TCB300

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Platinum Tools TCB300 Cable Prowler Cable & Network Tester

The Platinum Tools® SP-TCB300 Cable Prowler combines the functions of a high-end cable tester and length measurement tester. It has a max distance of 12,000 feet, confirms cable labels, saves and prints test results, identifies network drops and current link status, detects PoE and identifies location on a hub, switch or router port. This network cable tester provides length measurement for each pair, generates tone levels for tracing, displays wire map and numbered ID remotes as well as any faults. It features a full color high-resolution display and internal memory to save results. A micro USB connector allows cable reports to be easily exported.

The SP-TCB300 cable prowler comes with #1-5 coax & network remotes, #1 network/Tel remote, 2-each RJ12 cables, micro USB cable and a hanging pouch.

The Platinum Tools TCB300 network tester is a cable testing device that provides comprehensive testing for network, coaxial, and telephone cable networks. It maps wire networks and tests for all kinds of faults including shorts, opens, split pairs, miswires, and reversed cables. The device offers up to 8 testing and 20 network/coax ID remotes in full color, plus TDR technology to measure the length of a cable for up to 12,000 feet. It performs signal tracing and cable identification for pairs and pins by generating tone levels. The TCB300 will detect the presence of PoE and class of PoE IEEE 802.3af/at and report network speed and status for Ethernet drops of up to 1 Gbps. These features can be used to provide information about networks and ensure that cable prowler users are able to properly troubleshoot any discrepancies in their systems. It is a multilingual device that supports English, French, and Spanish.

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