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PLT200R-C Installer BOTTOM Tool Pallet for SPC200R-C, 17.4"x14.3"

Fosco Connect Part No.: PLT200R-C

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PLT200R-C Installer BOTTOM Tool Pallet for SPC200R-C, 17.4"x14.3"

The Specialized Products PLT200R-C Large Bottom Tool Pallet (17-3/8" x 14-1/4") is designed as an option for completing the SPC200R Cable Installation & Termination Tool Kit and will fit in the SPC 508 roto-rugged tool case (448x508, sold separately). Individual tool slots secure a cable splicer kit, can wrench, cable cutter, compression crimper, RJ11/12 & RJ45 modular crimp tool, RG6/59 coax wire stripper, 9" Torpedo level with magnet, cushion grip adjustable wrenches and other tools. The top tool pallet for the SPC200R tool kit is PLT200R (sold separately).

The PLT200R-C tool case pallet can be used as part of a custom-assembled Flex Kit allowing you to choose a large case shell and a top pallet to complete your tool kit the way you want it.

PLT200R-C Tool Kit List

 Description Stock Number
 Can Wrench 054X545
 Cable Splicer Kit 054X715
 Level 060X997
 Tape Measure 062X062
 CCS-6 Cable Cutter 168X091
 Sealsmart Crimp Tool 168X130
 6" F Connector Removal Tool 169X508
 Jab Saw 169X509
 Data Sure Strip 170X030
 Fold-Up Hex Set 175X024
 Steel Reel Fish Tape 370X050
 Modular Crimp Tool 904X100
 Coax Wire Strip Tool 904X185
 Punchdown Tool 100/66 Blade 904X425
 4" Adjustable Wrench 940X004
 6" Adjustable Wrench 940X006
 Combo Crimp/Strip Tool 10-22AWG 940X016
 6-in-1 Multi Screwdriver 940X095
 SPC200R-C Bottom Pallet 040X208


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