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Polishing Disc FC/APC (wide key only)

Fosco Connect Part No.: F1-6925FCAPC

  • $ 125.00 or

Polishing Disc FC/APC (wide key only)

  • FC/APC Hand polish Tool
  • Durable Steel Construction

When hand polishing fiber optic connectors, you can't afford to leave anything to chance. These Fiber Optic Hand Polishing Discs, or hockey pucks as some installers call them, enable you to achieve quality end face finishes and consistent results time after time.

The metal fiber optic polishing discs are especially durable and are machined to close tolerances. They are designed to hold your fiber optic end face at exactly the correct angle to the polishing film during the polishing process. The plastic fiber optic polishing disks are also very useful. The ST Plastic Polish Disc is so affordable that you can purchase several of them to keep handy in your toolbox, truck or in the shop.



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