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PulseTech Battery SP-Jumper-Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-JUMPER-KIT

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PulseTech Battery SP-Jumper-Kit

The PulseTech® Battery SP-Jumper-Kit features 12 inches of solid stranded copper with two tinned copper 3/8 studs. It will allow you to attach lead acid, AGM or lithium batteries in series or parallel, depending on your needs.

You'll need one set of wires to put two 12-volt batteries in parallel and one additional set for every battery you add.

For two 6-volt batteries wired in series, you will need one set of wires and will only use one of the cables. You'll have one to spare.

If you're trying to wire four 6-volt batteries in series-parallel, you will need 2 sets of cables.

NOTE: Please see the attached chart for help picking the correct battery setup for you!

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