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QSFP-4010-LR4 QSFP+ 40G LR4 optical module, single-mode, CWDM 4 aggregate 10G channels, 10Km

Mooseline Part No.: QSFP-4010-LR4

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Product description
The QSFP-4010-LR4 is a long range single-mode 40G QSFP+ optical module compatible with the 40GBase-LR4 specifications.
It uses 4 CWDM 10G lasers running 1271~1331nm and combining them in a built-in mux/demux. Each wavelength has 10.3125Gbps for a total speed of 40G available on the QSFP+ interface.

The transceiver has been tested and found compatible on 40G QSFP+ ready Ethernet switches from Cisco, Juniper, and Edge-Core.

QSFP-4010-LR4 40G QSFP+ SMF module specifications
Form factor SFP
Speed 40Gb/s
Optical connector dual LC
Operating distance 10Km
Power single 3.3V
Compliance MSA SFF-8431, RoHS
Operating mode single-mode
Fiber type Single-mode 9/125um, two strands
Wavelength 1310nm
Digital Diagnostic Yes (SFF-8472 compliant)


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