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RB-PEN125 - Fiber optic cleaning pen for LC and MU connectors (1.25mm ferrules), 800 cycles

Fosco Connect Part No.: RB-PEN125

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RB-PEN125 - Fiber optic cleaning pen for LC and MU connectors (1.25mm ferrules), 800 cycles

The RB-PEN125 is an efficient yet cost-effective tool to keep optical connectors clean. Model is designed for optical connectors using 1.25mm ferrules, the most known connectors being LC and MU type.

A cleaning pen has a one-time use cleaning band that swipes the critical contact surface of the optical connector. The process is completely mechanical. A single press would allow the cleaning tape to swipe the contact area and eliminate most foreign particles that would cause communications issues. This is also known as a one-click cleaning pen. RB-PEN125 is intended for use with optical female connectors of LC and MU type. They can be active equipment connectors or couplers in patch panels. Cleaning fiber contact surfaces is a necessity in fiber optic deployments. Dust can settle into the optical connectors during maintenance and installation of fiber circuits, sometimes with serious effects. A single dust particle in the wrong place can stop a long-haul fiber link and sometimes even damage the optical gear because of reflections that could damage optical contact surfaces permanently.

The RB-PEN125 has an estimated capacity of 800 cleaning cycles. It has an indicator when cleaning tape is exhausted and also an extender of the cleaning arm for hard-to-reach connectors. The pen comes with a small translucent cap that can be used to clean also male 1.25mm ferrules when needed, although for regular male-type connectors a cleaning cassette is recommended.

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