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RPONPM-600 - PON Optical Power Meter for ONU and OLT measuring with internal storage memory and USB connectivity

Fosco Connect Part No.: RPONPM-600

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RPONPM-600 - PON Optical Power Meter for ONU and OLT measuring with internal storage memory and USB connectivity

The RPONPM-600 PON Optical Power Meter is the perfect tool for a PON network manager. For a PON fiber Plant Manager, this is an indispensable tool, allowing management and data storage for up to 1000 measurements. Optical Power Meters help to identify connectivity issues and determine potential under or over budgeting of the optical power available. RPONPM-600  has a color TFT display and features a USB interface that allows 24/7 measuring with a help of a PC. When used in standalone mode it stores up to 1000 traces in its own internal memory. The PON Optical Power Meter can measure both OLT and ONU devices using different photodiodes.

RPONPM-600 can measure 1310/1490/1550nm fiber light. It can measure light levels between +7dBm and -70dBm with an accuracy of +/- 0.2dBm. Measurement resolution is 0.1dBm.

RPONPM-600 has an orange rubber protective case and the package includes a USB to PC connectivity cable. Three AA batteries are required to operate the power meter, batteries are NOT included.

The RPONPM-600 is one of the best available PON Optical Power Meters on the market, using the highest quality photodiodes and allowing users to custom define up to 10 measuring wavelengths. It is a purchase that allows measuring active fibers efficiently, being an asset for any fiber professional user.


  • Dedicated PON Optical Power Meter
  • Supports online continuous measurements
  • Supports pass-through measurements
  • 10 sets of user-defined wavelengths
  • Threshold level reading setting (easy reading display for Pass/Fail)
  • USB connection for PC data retrieval and 24/7 real-time test run on PC
  • 1000 traces of measurement data stored in internal memory

Product Specification Sheet

Technical Specifications

Model   RPONPM-600
Display Range 1310/1490/1550nm: +7 ~ -70dBm
Accuracy +/- 0.2 dB (at 20 deg. Celsius)
Passthrough IL < 1.5 dB
Resolution 0.01 dB 
Optical Connector SC/UPC
Automatic Power Off Idle for 10 minutes or at Low battery warning
Data Capacity 1000 traces 
Threshold Setting 10 custom levels - easy readable Pass/Fail results
Custom Wavelengths 10 user-defined 
Data Interface USB 2.0
Real-Time Monitoring Internal 1 Min / 0.5s interval, 24/7 with connected PC
Battery Life AA x 3, 36+ hours of operation (batteries NOT included)
Power supply AA x 3 or USB cable 5V, 500mA
Size 170mm * 97mm * 38mm 
Weight 380g without batteries
Storage Temperature -20~+60 Celsius, humidity<90% non-condensing
Operating Temperature   -10~+50 Celsius, humidity<90% non-condensing 
Warranty 2 years


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