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Mooseline Optical Fiber Identifier

Mooseline Part No.: RY-3306ID

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Fiber Identifier is a tool necessary for the maintenance of optical fibers, used to identify the optical fibers not yet damaged. It can detect anywhere in single-mode fiber and multiple-mode fiber.

During the maintenance, installation, wiring and restoration of optical fibers, we usually need identify and isolate a specific fiber without interrupting our business. By transmitting the signals with modulation sound (270Hz, 1 kHz, 2kHz) into one end of fiber 1310nm or 1550nm, the identifier can identify the fiber from the route. Besides, Fiber Identifier can indicate the traffic direction.


Fiber Identifier

Range of identifiable wavelength (nm)


Type of probe


Type of adapter (mm)

0.25 (for bare fiber); 0.9, 2.0, 3.0 (for pigtail fiber)

Modulation frequency (Hz)

CW, 270, 1K, 2K

Signal direction indicator

Left/right LED indicator



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