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Standalone Fiber Optic Video Tansmitter,Multimode 850nm,Max Distance 8Km

Mooseline Part No.: S-1300-TX

  • $ 253.80 or

Standalone Video Fiber Optic Transmitter MM 850nm

  • Operating ranges of 4Km to 20Km
  • Multimode or Singlemode
  • 850nm or 1300nm
  • Includes power supply

Fiber optic video transmitters and receivers include the ability to convert video signals from coaxial cameras so that they can be transmitted over fiber optic cable.

These low-profile standalone devices can be placed anywhere needed.

They require no field adjustments during installation or additional maintenance thereafter.

These devices are designed to be transparent to cameras and monitoring equipment regardless of the manufacturer.

The receiver includes an indicator light that provides quick verification of system status



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