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Single Channel Video/Audio Receiver,Multimode

AFI Part No.: S-MR188

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The American fibertek M1C and M100C Series transmit one channel of high quality,FM video on one multimode optical fiber.

The American Fibertek M30C Series transmits three channels of high quality,FM video on three multimode optical fibers.

All untis operate at 850 nm and are compatible across the series.

Desinged to be completely transparent to all camera and monitor manufacturers,the system requires no field adjustments at installation or additional maintenance thereafter.

The MTM-1C is miniature transmitter that is designed to mount directly on the back of video camera.

The M100C Series maybe ordered as stand alone loe profile modules or rack cards that are mounted in the SR-20D/2 or SR-20R/1 American Fibertek Card Cage.

The M30C Series are ordered as rack cards to be mounted in the SR-20D/2 or SR - 20R/1.



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