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9/125µm OS2 Single Mode I/O 250µm Bare Fiber Loose Tube, Riser Rated, 2 Fibers

TLC Part No.: S09-DL02-CNRBL

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This cable has 2 strands of 9/125µm OS2 Single Mode 250µm bare fibers. OFNR Riser rated.

This cable has no gel fill to complicate the connectorization process. Instead, water swellable yarn replaces the gel.

Each tube contains colored 250µm bare fibers, making your installation simple and fast. Available in 2 to 72 fibers. Fiber counts 2-12 are in one subunit and larger fiber counts are in seperate subunits in multiples of 12.Jackets are available in Riser and Plenum.

Note: Not intended for direct burial or aerial applications.

Note: Connectors usually are not directly terminated onto the 250µm bare fibers, the FOFS Fan Out Kits should be used to terminate this cable.



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