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9/125µm Single Mode Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffer Cable, Riser Rated, 12 Fibers

TLC Part No.: S09-IO12-CRBL

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This Indoor/Outdoor cable is designed for general outdoor applications, yet it can be used indoors without the 50 feet restrictions imposed upon loose tube cables, or non-UL approved cable.

It is composed of 12 strands of Corning SMF-28e+ 9/125/900µm tight buffered single mode fibers, water blocking aramid fiber strength members and a black color OFNR Riser rated PVC jacket.

Since they do not use gel, the connectors can be terminated directly onto the 900µm fiber without difficulty to use breakout kits. Temperature rating -40 to 8°C.

New Part number: S09IO12CZNRBL58



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