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S153A Basic Kit with 250µm Fiber Holders

FITEL Part No.: S153-ABK250V2

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S153A Basic Kit with 250µm Fiber Holders

    • Active V-groove, More Reliable than conventional Fixed V-groove machines
    • Rugged and compact hand held design for demanding environmental conditions
    • Fast splice (9 sec) at super low loss and Fast Heating (25 sec)
    • 200 cycles (Splicing and Heating) with Fitel series battery configuration
    • Available for All METRO/LAN/FTTx fibers including ultra bend-insensitive fibers (e.g. EZ-BendTM)
    • Splicer is compatible with the Seikoh Giken and Diamond Spliceon- connector (SOC)
    • Easy maintenance - Toolless electrode replacement/mirror free alignment system
    • Easy Software upgrade via the Internet
    • Easily exchanged fiber holder systems (tight holder/fiber holder/SOC holder)
    • PC interface software to allow user manage splicing programs and results
    • Auto-start shrink sleeve oven feature
    • Improved GUI to further enhance ease-of-use
    • Large memory for storing data (2,000 splice data) and image (100 images)
    • RoHS compliant

    The Fitel S153A using Active V-Groove alignment is the first choice for low cost field optical fiber splicing equipment. The Active V-Groove technology used on the S153A delivers low loss splices with ease while eliminating common Fixed V-Groove splicing errors. Using the same rugged metal body as also-new FITEL S178, S153A is designed to endure harsh operating conditions by improving shock/impact resistance with rubber pads embedded on 4 corners of the splicer body. It also achieves water resistance compliant to IPX2 and dust resistance compliant to IP5X.

    Another key feature of the S153A is the significantly reduced operation time. Protection sleeve shrink time is mere 25 seconds, while splicing requires only 9 seconds. Power saving technology used in these machines allows up to 200 splicing cycles (splicing and heating) with 2 built in rechargeable batteries.
    By combining ease of use, improved speed, precision, durability and portability, the S153A Fusion Splicer becomes your first choice for a versatile low cost splicer with a wide range of applications.

    The S153A Splicer Package gives extra options with a standard style that accommodates both fixed clamps and removable fiber holders.
    Increasing the number of batteries means increased operating time.

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