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SCS 725 Portable Wrist Strap Monitor

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-725

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SCS 725 Portable Wrist Strap Monitor

The SCS 725 Wrist Strap Tester is used by a single operator in ESD applications, with a dual conductor wrist strap and one ground connection. It performs a resistance measurement by applying a small electrical current. Visual and audible alarms indicate proper grounding of the operator and ground point. If the resistance is over 35 megohms, a red light flashes along with a sound alarm. A parking clip, attached to the mounting tab, allows mobile users to silence the ground clip disconnect alarm. This ESD monitor may be set up in areas where AC power is not available. It can be attached to a worksurface or mounted under a workbench.

The SCS 725 wrist strap monitor comes with a 5-feet ground clip and certificate of calibration. It is powered by a 9 volt alkaline battery.

725 Wrist Strap Monitor Operation and Maintenance



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