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SCS 8501 Static Control Field Service Kit w/ 24"x22" Mat

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-8501

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SCS 8501 Static Control Field Service Kit w/ 24"x22" Mat

The SCS 8501 Static Control Field Service Kit removes static charges on technicians and provides a static-free surface on which to lay parts. This portable work surface minimizes charge drainage from battery packs and is flexible enough to be folded and unfolded without cracking, even at temperatures well below 0°. Two 8" x 11" pockets are sewn right into the work surface for easy component portability. Each ground cord section has its own independent 1-megohm resistor.

The 8501 ESD kit includes a red static-dissipative work surface (24" x 22" x .021"), adjustable wrist strap, 10-foot coiled cord, 5-ft ground cord and slide-on alligator clip that fits standard banana plug. 

Although static damage can occur anywhere microelectronic components are used, these sensitive devices are most susceptible during servicing. The SCS 8501 Static-Dissipative Field Service Kit prevents static damage that can occur when an unprotected service technician works on electronic equipment. The mat reduces the potential for sparking and shorting that exists with highly conductive models. For added safety, cotton trim covers all edges. Its red color keeps both the technician and the customer alert to the potential problem of static electricity.

This portable kit works on the principle of grounding. When a technician attaches ground cord to wrist band and static dissipative mat, then connects cord to ground, existing static charges on technician or any conductive parts laid on mat drain away to ground. New charges are unable to accumulate.

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