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Megger Structured Cabling Tester (SCT-1500), Tests Up to 350MHz

Megger Part No.: SCT-1500

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The SCT Series is a range of high-performance testers for certifying and evaluating copper and fiber cabling installations. The SCT Series are unmatched for flexibility with improved device features including 1/4 VGA color display, USB & serial ports; compact flash, secure digital, multimedia card storage, unit-to-unit audio and 64 Mb of internal memory.

Designed for cable installers and network owners who need to certify the performance of high-speed cabling to today's industry standards and tomorrow's emerging standards, the SCT Series delivers unmatched performance and accuracy. Whether certifying cabling installations, troubleshooting problems, migrating to a high-speed network, or re-certifying after add-ins, moves or expansions, the SCT Series exceeds expectations.

SCT-1500 Features:

  • Certifies Category 6, and 5e cabling
  • Exceeds Level IV Accuracy
  • 1 to 350 MHz frequency range
  • Most intuitive and easy to operate LAN certification tester on the market
  • Powerful diagnostics pinpoint the distance to link disturbances on each measured pair
  • Low Operating Cost and superior reliability

Ease of Use

The SCT-1500 is the most intuitive, easy to operate LAN certification tester on the market. Users will find comfort in the familiar controls and Home Menu based graphical user interface. In place of custom icons, all controls are identified using common terminology and consistent menu-to-menu operation.

The SCT1500 organizes testing, test parameter management, results management, and options management by individual project virtually eliminating the chance of making common mistakes. The SCT1500 optimizes certification testing by displaying all certification test parameters, conducting tests, displaying results and saving either numeric or graphic results from a single menu, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple menus to certify.

Download Product Spec Sheet:

Megger SCT Series Structured Cabling Tester Spec Sheet (PDF)



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