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optical fiber uplink module for SDH01 multiplexer platform

CTC Union Part No.: SDH01-OPT

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Product description
SDH01-OPT is the optical interface module of SDH01A fiber multiplexer.

SDH01A is an SDH based, STM-1 Fiber Multiplexer with a total bandwidth capacity of 155Mbps (63E1).

Equipment provides a full Cross-Connect platform for the 63 E1 channels.

A modular structure with 4 slots allows up to 32 E1 interfaces to be extracted in a single unit. Several other data interfaces, like DS3/E3, Ethernet and synchronous V.35 serial ports are also available to be mapped on the STM-1 channels.

The SDH01A can have up to two fiber ports and can accept a special 8T1 module, so that the SDH01A can be used as a point to point 32 T1 interface fiber multiplexer.

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