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STM-1 Terminal Multiplexer (32 E1 or T1 point-to-point capacity per unit)

CTC Union Part No.: SDH01A-TM

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Product description
SDH01A-TM is an SDH based, STM-1 Fiber Terminal Multiplexer with a total bandwidth capacity of 155Mbps (63E1).

The Terminal Node Multiplexer provides a full Cross-Connect platform for the 63 E1 channels. A modular structure with 4 slots allows up to 32 E1 interfaces to be extracted in a single unit.

Several data interfaces, like Ethernet and synchronous V.35 serial ports are also available to be mapped on the STM-1 channels.

The SDH01A-TM (Terminal Multiplexer) has only one fiber port and can accept a special 8T1 module, so that the SDH01A-TM can be used as a point to point 32 T1 interface fiber multiplexer.

Product Features

  • Up to 32 E1 or T1 per chassis
  • 4 tributary cards per chassis
  • configuration saved in NVRAM w/ automatic restore when tributary cards are hot-swapped
  • E1, T1, V.35 and Fast Ethernet services available
  • Fast Ethernet is encapsulated over SDH using GFP and Virtual Concatenation (VCAT)
  • T1 availability only for Point-to-Point applications (on customer demand)
  • supports EoS (Ethernet over SDH) in all ring nodes
  • centralized Network Management System w/ SNMP support
  • optional fiber redundancy mode available (for ADM model only)
  • three timing synchronization modes
  • large selection of fiber optic modules for single-mode and single strand fiber operation
  • dual redundant power supply AC and DC available
  • standalone or rack mountable 19" or 23" for EIA or ETSI rack environment

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