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Seikoh Giken Diamond Rough Film 9um

Fosco Connect Part No.: DR5D9U

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Seikoh Giken Diamond Rough Film 9um

  • Seikoh
  • 9µm
  • Diamond Rough Film
  • 20 Pack

This new diamond polishing film has a stable grinding force over the use of the film. It is designed to provide GR-326 end face geometry using only purified water while polishing. This film lasts 20 times longer compared to previous diamond films. You can easily achieve cost reduction with the longer service life.

The diamond film is available in 30µm, 9µm, 5µm, 3µm, 1.5µm and 1µm. It comes in 20 pieces per pack.

For high volume needs, you can establish a large scale connector polishing line by installing fiber optic polishing machines dedicated to each step of the fiber optic polishing process



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