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SFM250 - Seikoh Giken Ferrule Mate 2.5mm Ferrule End-Face Cleaner

Seikoh-Giken Part No.: SFM250

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This ferrule end-face cleaner from Seikoh Giken is designed for easily cleaning connectors in pluggable Tx/Rx modules by pushing just one button. The flip-open cap achieves cleaning ferrule end face without an adapter.

It even provides an angle adjustable tip for angled adapter cleanings. It can be used on PC and APC 2.5mm ferrules.


  • Special designed tip achieve cleaning ferrule end face inside adapter
  • Just push one button and cleaned. Spring loaded tip makes easy and perfect operation without skills
  • Provides over 300 cleanings
  • Size: 163(L) x 44 (H) x 20(W)mm Body, 57mm(L) Tip
  • Cleaning Measure: Push Button
  • Applications: Cleaning ferrule end-face within/without an adapter

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