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SFP-9530-31 4.25G multi-rate singlemode 40Km 1310nm SFP transceiver SONET, FibreChannel or Gigabit Eth

Mooseline Part No.: SFP-9530-31

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Product description
The SFP-9530-31 SFP transceiver has a maximum of 4.25Gbps rate. The transceiver is able to work on 9/125um single-mode fiber for up to 40Km distance. Module is multi-rate, supporting all FibreChannel speeds of 1G, 2G and 4G, SONET OC48/OC12/OC3, STM-1/4/16 or Gigabit/Fast Ethernet interfaces. The SFP-9530-31 module supports DD (Digital Diagnostic) functions.

SFP's or miniGBIC modules are extremely versatile, working with any active equipment that support the SFP type of interface: Ethernet switches, routers and any other networking equipment. Our SFPs have been tested and found 100% compatible with various Ethernet switches from major manufacturers like: Cisco, Nortel, Extreme, ZyXEL, D-Link or Netgear.

Fiber power budget according to available models
(highlighted model is one available for purchase on this page)
Model Distance Lambda Min. Output (dBm) Sensitivity (dBm) Power Budget (dB)
SFP-9510-31 10Km 1310nm -8 -18 10
SFP-9530-31 30Km 1310nm 0 -18 18
SFP-9540-55 40Km 1550nm 0 -18 18


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