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3M SLiC Aerial Closure 733 Free Breathing SLiC (Mid/End span) Dimensions: 33" L x 7" ID

3M Part No.: SLFC-733-SP-1A

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3M SLiC 733 Free Breathing SLiC (Mid/Endspan) Dimensions: 33"L x 7"ID 144 single fusion 2527 (24 count tray).

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3M's SLiC fiber aerial closures are designed to enable service providers to costeffectively deploy aerial fiber networks in the access network (FTTN, HFC, and FTTP). The SLiC fiber aerial closure is a weather-tight, single-piece aerial closure that can be installed very easily for new construction or maintenance situations.

The single-piece construction permits complete splice access after placement without the removal of the closure from the cable. These free-breathing closures (FBCs) are designed for strand-mount in-line, butt or taut sheath single or ribbon fiber applications. The durable double-walled, blow-molded body resists cracking or breaking even in the harshest environments, providing the ultimate protection for the fibers and splices.

The SLiC fiber closure portfolio consists of the 533 and the 733 units. The maximum splice capacity of the SLiC 533 closure is 144 and 432 for single and mass fusion. The SLiC 733 closure can accommodate up to 288 single and 864 mass fusion splices.

Dowload 3M SLiC Fiber Aerial Closure 533 and 733 Series Spec Sheet



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