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SMART CODER PLUS - Reconfigure Pluggable Transceivers

Fosco Connect Part No.: SMARTCODER+

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The Smart Coder+ is the perfect device to maintain, test and recode your SFPs, SFP+s and QSFP+s . This device can recode any FIS SFP to over 50 OEM platforms to fit the device required. The testing option of the Smart Coder+ allows the end user to conduct diagnostic monitoring on both FIS and Non-FIS brand Transceivers. Testing includes transmit power, receive power, temperature, performance and more.

  • Reduce sparing! Use the Smart Coder+ to tune 10G tunables or recode to a 10G or 1G fixed DWDM channel
  • Recode transceivers in current form factors from 1G to 400G, for over 50+ OEM platforms
  • Recode transceivers as many times as needed
  • Conduct diagnostic monitoring on both Integra and non-Integra brand transceivers
(transmit power, receive power, temperature, and more)
  • Offline tuning capabilities
  • Recode cabled transceivers
  • Recode frequently used platforms with our new “Favorites and Searching” functionality
  • Quickly recode multiple components to the same platform/finished part with batch coding
  • Plug in multiple Smart Coders to the same computer and recode optics in parallel
  • Easily select parts and platforms with user-friendly interface
  • Work with Integra engineers in real time through the app’s remote support feature


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